Who We Are

We’re Maximus (a.k.a. Jim Irizarry) & The Bartender (a.k.a. Craig Williams). This show started out of nothing and has grown to… well… something? Maybe?

We’re a couple of former radio professionals (Max did radio for almost 15 years, Craig for about the same amount of time) who get together every week and talk about sports. When we’re not doing the show, we’re typically talking about sports on our Facebook page or our Twitter pages.

Max is using this time away from full-time radio to get his degree. Craig bartends at a couple of bars, including Morgan’s and Little Black Dog Tavern in Mishawaka. You should go there. Get yourself some tasty food and drinks. You won’t regret it.

We call South Bend, Indiana and XERSradio.com our home bases. If you are not in South Bend and would like us to talk sports in your locale, something could probably be arranged for a nominal fee. We are also willing to talk for an extravagant fee.