Introducing The BHTs

Having time to do things that you want to do is great.

I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce this new semi-regular column that I will write for this website. I say semi-regular because it could show up once a week. It could show up multiple times a week. It could disappear for months and months on end, then come back once to much fanfare, then putter off into oblivion.

Welcome to The BHTs. BHT is short for “BLAZIN’ HOT TAKE,” which after reading a few of these, will make you realize that no, there is absolutely no heat radiating from these takes. At least I don’t think so. Maybe something will pop up here that will propel this website and this show into the popular zeitgeist. (You have NO idea how hard it was to write that sentence with a straight face.)

Regardless, I’ll use this space to throw out some thoughts that I either don’t get to during the show or that just pop into my skull while I sit in the middle of a boring lecture. Onto the BHTs!

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