Life comes hard, sometimes.

Hey, it’s Max.

In case you’re wondering what happened to us over the last few weeks, life decided to come hard at both of us. We’re both fine, but just really, really, really busy. Despite the fact that we would both love the couple of hours a week to just vent and sound off on everything, we don’t even have time to plan a good show for y’all. Plus, we don’t get paid for this, so something had to give. Officially, we’re on hiatus. For how long, who knows.

For me, I should be back once everything with school calms down/mercifully ends. Craig’s probably going to take a little longer to come back. He’s had to take care of his mom, and family comes first for the both of us.

When I do get back to doing the show, I’ll probably have someone different with me filling in for Craig for a little bit. Or, maybe I’ll fly solo. I haven’t really figured that part out yet. Again, I’ve got other important things to worry about right now.

We’ll be updating the Facebook page whenever stuff happens. There’s also our respective Twitters (@MaximusRadio, @bartenderradio). Drop us a line and say hi (looking at you, Bowlby.)

Thanks for your understanding. We both know that it couldn’t have come at a worse time in the sports world, too. I mean, NFL, college football, the NBA has been great, so far. We want to talk about this stuff with you, but we both need life to not give us a breakdown while doing it.

We’ll be back after this.

This is what boxing has sadly come to.

We have come to an interesting time in sports. We are witnessing possibly the final breath of boxing. The Klitschko brothers killed off the heavyweight division by holding the belts, then never fighting each other for an undisputed championship. Manny vs. Money happened past both of their primes when such a fight is exactly what the sport needed. An absolute farce of a decision gave us Jeff Horn, Boxing Champion.

Now, Floyd Mayweather is fighting Conor McGregor because enough of us are stupid enough to pay the insane $99 pay-per-view price.

Yes, the sport has done itself no favors by getting itself to this point. Not having enough big names, all of the lousy decisions, all of the terrible decisions. Believe me, I get it if you’re looking at this fight and wondering if it will be worth all of the hype. It will not be. While all of the press conferences leading up to this fight will get people talking about boxing for a little bit, this fight will not help the sport. More importantly, if Conor McGregor actually wins this match, boxing will be dead.

Here’s our thoughts from the 7-11-2017 show.

I’m gonna engineer me some dead mice.

Come out, come out, wherever you are, Jerry.

Behold! What you see here is a rolling log mouse trap. There’s apparently a hole somewhere behind my dishwasher. Now, Stuart Little (and possibly the rest of his family, too… wretch) has taken up residency in my kitchen. I might not care so much if it wasn’t for my dinner the other night being ruined. Continue reading “I’m gonna engineer me some dead mice.”