Tony Cutillo: “How do you let Randy Moss in the Hall of Fame before Terrell Owens?”

“The Godfather” Tony Cutillo is a busy man. He coaches. He writes for, among other places. He gives us a solid 20 minutes of NFL goodness here.

Tony can’t believe how Dan Quinn got off scot-free for another Super Bowl fourth quarter collapse against New England. Quinn let his defense get gassed while continuing to pass and running plays with 20 seconds left on the play clock. Meantime, closer to Philly, Tony says the Eagles still need TONS of help for Carson Wentz. Still, he’s betting they go another direction, both in the draft and free agency.

Also, how the hell is Terrell Owens not a Hall-of-Famer? Who cares if he had baggage as a player? Randy Moss needed three luggage carts for all of his baggage as a player, and TO STILL had better numbers. And don’t forget that Super Bowl performance!

Finally, we hear about how awful Mayweather-McGregor will be. Gack.

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