#MTBshow – 2/14/17 – Full Show

James Dolan needs to either sell the Knicks/Rangers/Madison Square Garden/Cablevision/everything he owns professionally or someone needs to inject him with enough horse tranquilizer that he can’t move again. Again, don’t kill him. That’s a bit extreme. Just sedate him. Also in this episode:

1. “The Godfather” Tony Cutillo from PhillyInfluencer.com helps us recap the Super Bowl and gets us caught up on the other big stories in the NFL.

2. Ian Casselberry from TheComeback.com tells us why he’ll be amazed if we see Ben Affleck as Batman again.

3. We talk about Michael Jordan’s #12 night.

4. Max tries to explain why the NHL has bye weeks to Craig to no avail before once again reminding everyone that the NHL is the worst-run league in sports.

5. We equate NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s meeting with Oakley, Dolan, and Jordan to an episode of Charlie’s Angels.

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