Cal “GameFace” Lee chops it up with us on the NBA

It bears repeating because it cannot be said enough. If you don’t listen to The Baseline NBA Podcast, you are not actually a sports fan and should turn in your card.

Cal “GameFace” Lee joins us for an hour to talk about the continuing saga of the New York Knicks. DRose going AWOL and the Carmelo/Phil drama probably could fill a full hour by itself. We also cozy up with Giannis Antetokounmpo because DAMN, HE’S GOOD. Have you seen the Greek Freak? Do yourself a favor and watch a Bucks game. They’re getting a lot of NBA TV love because of Giannis.

Chris Paul is hurt, so we usher in the Austin Rivers era of Clippers basketball. It will be highlighted by, once again, not winning an NBA championship. That window has been nailed shut, painted over, and covered in bricks.

Do the Cavs need to be worried right now? Probably. Also, James Harden is a legit MVP, Russell Westbrook is going to average a triple-double for the season, and the Geto Boys deserve a lot more credit than what they get.

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