#MTBShow – January 10, 2017 – Full Show

HOLY CRAP! WE’RE BACK! In our first official show in 2017, we…

  1. Try to put Clemson/Alabama II in perspective.
  2. Mourn the loss of our friend, Paul M. Banks. He’s not dead. He just got stuck on the Kennedy on the night of Obama’s farewell address in a snow storm. God speed, friend.
  3. Wonder aloud why Sonny Dykes got fired at Cal and why it was handled so poorly.
  4. Discuss the finer points of smart-home companions like the Amazon Echo and Google Home.
  5. Make our picks for the NFL divisional round.
  6. Make the plea for the Peter Francis Geraci Infotapes Bowl to become a real thing in Chicago.
  7. Find out that Peter Francis Geraci is making a horrible social media marketing error.
  8. Revisit our prediction that three alphas on the Chicago Bulls wouldn’t work, especially for Rajon Rondo.
  9. Try to figure out how the Knicks and Derrick Rose can co-exist.
  10. Try to figure out how the Knicks are run so poorly, yet the Rangers are run so well, even though the same idiot owns them.

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