Introducing The BHTs

Having time to do things that you want to do is great.

I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce this new semi-regular column that I will write for this website. I say semi-regular because it could show up once a week. It could show up multiple times a week. It could disappear for months and months on end, then come back once to much fanfare, then putter off into oblivion.

Welcome to The BHTs. BHT is short for “BLAZIN’ HOT TAKE,” which after reading a few of these, will make you realize that no, there is absolutely no heat radiating from these takes. At least I don’t think so. Maybe something will pop up here that will propel this website and this show into the popular zeitgeist. (You have NO idea how hard it was to write that sentence with a straight face.)

Regardless, I’ll use this space to throw out some thoughts that I either don’t get to during the show or that just pop into my skull while I sit in the middle of a boring lecture. Onto the BHTs!

Back when everybody in South Bend thought that Brian Kelly was going to be fired at Notre Dame, I somehow found myself talking with the guy who was fixing my roof about it. I didn’t want to talk to him about it, and honestly, I don’t recommend getting into a conversation with any roofer after what this guy had to say.

He said that Swarbrick should try and hire Skip freaking Holtz as BK’s replacement. Why? Because “he’s Lou’s son and it would be kinda fun.” Yeah, buddy. It would be fun right up until kick-off of the first game of the season when you realize that you had Skip freaking Holtz leading your band of two-and-a-half-star C-USA talent onto the field at Notre Dame Stadium. The Observer, South Bend Tribune, and Elkhart Truth would all turn into paid advertisements from the guy (guys?) at EightEightyOne calling for Jack Swarbrick’s head on a spike.

One reason for me to look forward to 2017:

I need to give proper credit for this. The name “Santarambe” came from my buddy Shawn. The hashtag is all mine.

‘Tis the season for year-end lists. One of them that I took a look at was from Radio Ink Magazine. Take a look at #35.

Okay. Now, I know that our show can always use some work and some valuable critiquing from a program director that doesn’t have his head up their keister. I also know that I’m a little partial when I say this, but I think we put on a much more interesting and entertaining show, regardless of the methods we use to distribute it. So, who did Darin pay at Radio Ink Magazine to be put at the bottom of that list?

I don’t see why people got all cheesed off over Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette skipping their respective teams’ meaningless bowl games. If Stanford or LSU were playing in one of the playoff games, okay. I could understand that.

But, they’re not. Both guys had nagging injuries all season and are still projected first-rounders. I don’t think either one of them are going to look back in six months and lament over the fact that they didn’t get to hold the Sun Bowl trophy or the Citrus Bowl trophy while they cash their first NFL paychecks. We shouldn’t continue to beat them over the head about it, either.

The more I think about it, the more it makes me sad that Rex and Rob Ryan didn’t last long enough in Buffalo to be fired during the Week 17 postgame handshake.

I got a Google Home for Christmas. Expect me to show up on either Facebook Live or Twitter using it in game show mode.


Finally, will Josh Reddick be able to pay tribute to George Michael with the Astros this season?

Let’s hope.

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