#MTB – November 22, 2016 – Full Show

We may get on Notre Dame’s case a little bit. Some have even said we have “an anti-Irish agenda.” In fact, on this very program, we’re not really happy with the court decision that their police department doesn’t have to release any information regarding its cases troubling.

Even with all that and what we think of Brian Kelly and how he runs a program and throws his players under the bus, we think the vacation of wins is petty. Notre Dame was proactive regarding this academic scandal and is getting hit with no wins for 2012 and 2013. Meantime, the University of North Carolina scandal continues to go unpunished. Huh?

We break down the NCAA sanctions and also preview this weekend’s game against USC with Todd Burlage.

Speaking of ineptitude in college football, Charlie Strong is getting done wrong by Texas. We dial collect to Austin to speak with our buddy John Haynsworth about what’s next for the Longhorns.

We wrap up the show with the lovely Allie Fontana telling us what we should do about replacing A.J. Green in our lineup. That one hurts.

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