#MTB – October 4, 2016 – Full Show

We start off with a real positive note: only 31 days until the election! Max then brings everybody down with this note: 32 days until they start figuring out who’s in the next election. Yaaaaaay, TV news!

We talk Tom Brady’s return from Ballghazi and what a hell his life has been. (That’s SARCASM, ladies and sirs.) Also, David Blatt says that it wasn’t his championship, but he’ll gladly accept the ring.

Ian Casselberry from Awful Announcing and The Comeback talks MLB playoffs with us. We talk Tim Tebow because… the narrative demands it?? We also come together to help the Star Trek movie franchise not suck. Our suggestions might cause a nerd’s head to cave in. Or, they’ll just go about their day.

Todd Burlage helps us preview what should be a soggy Notre Dame/NC State matchup.

Allie Fontana has your Thrillers and Killers and who you should pick up on the waiver wire!

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