#MTB – September 13, 2016 – Full Show

A NEW #MTB RECORD OF 3:01:06. Grab your Bubba Mug. Fill it with your beverage of choice (we prefer Foster’s, the official beer of Maximus & The Bartender!). Get comfy.

We recap the first weekend of NFL action. Can anyone tell us what the hell happened on Monday night? Both of those games sucked. No wonder ratings were down. Plus, we mention the fact that Joe West had a country album that no one ever bought. We would call it a FUN FACT, but Joe West would eject us from the game for it. Also, don’t be the guy at the bar who wants to talk sports with us. Please.

We get the recap of Giants-Cowboys from Ed Valentine from BigBlueView.com. Dallas controlled the clock, but the Giants controlled the scoreboard. The revamped defense came up big, and man, that offense could be sick. Who knew that an offense run by a guy whose face is a meme during the season all year would control such a potent game plan?

Our Notre Dame/Michigan State preview is HUGE. First, Todd Burlage from Blue & Gold Illustrated joins us to preview things on the Irish side of the ball. Notre Dame once again finds themselves in “next guy up” mode due to injuries. Then, Todd stuck around as we were joined by the one and only Hondo Carpenter from SpartanNation.com. When we say this, we know we may be partial. However, the hour that we spent with those guys was one of the best hours of radio anyone’s ever done.

Finally, the lovely Allie Fontana from TheFantasyFix.com recaps Week 1 in fantasy football with the return of Thrillers & Killers! Plus, we premiere a new segment with Allie. Trust us when we say this: you will win your fantasy week and season as long as you listen to Allie.

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