#MTB – September 6, 2016 – Full Show

Craig broke the cardinal rule of drafting a fantasy QB: NEVER draft them before the 4th round! But, he broke it on Cam Newton. That still didn’t stop Allie from yelling at him.

Lester Wiltfong, Jr. from WindyCityGridiron.com talked to us from on board a Metra train. It’s tradition, really. He tells us why the Bears cut all-time leading scorer in franchise history Robbie Gould. It didn’t make us feel any better about it, but we get it. Also, Max thinks the Giants should get off their ass and sign him to get rid of Josh Brown, who is a scumbag.

Tony Cutillo from FantasySportsAddiction.com wasn’t much a fan of Bartender drafting Cam early, but he is a fan of the Sam Bradford trade with the Eagles. A first-rounder and a conditional fourth-rounder that could turn into a second-rounder if the Vikings make the playoffs? You might understand why we think Tony’s starting to warm up to Howie Roseman ever so slightly.

Todd Burlage from TheFanIndiana.com helped us put a bow on the Notre Dame/Texas game. At least the Irish have their QB situation figured out.

Finally, the aforementioned Allie Fontana from TheFantasyFix.com tells you who you should start this week because football is back!

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