#MTB – August 30, 2016 – Full Show

Just before the show started, we got word that Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater got hurt in a bad way. The Vikings were supposed to be a serious contender for the NFC North with Green Bay. Now? Probably not so much (unless AP becomes a superhuman or the Vikes get another QB). Get well soon, Teddy.

We kept the good times rolling the only way we know how: by talking about the latest dumb American controversy, starring Colin Kaepernick. The most annoying part about it is that we (as a society) are spending more time focusing on the fact that he sat during the anthem as opposed to why he chose to sit during the anthem. Instead, we’ll probably still be talking about this story next week. Oh, joy of joys.

Last week’s story about Iowa’s strength and conditioning coach making $595,000 a year and this week’s story about Florida State’s strength and coach getting into trouble made us think that we need a new segment on the show. Also, NBC figured out a way to get Mike Tirico some NFL TV time.

This week’s Notre Dame report featured a Benchwarmers reunion! We have John Haynsworth and Todd Burlage on a conference call to preview the Irish’s game against Texas in Austin on Sunday night. That’s right, a conference call! We’re snazzy!

Finally, the lovely Allie Fontana from TheFantasyFix.com broke down the injuries to Bridgewater and Tony Romo from a fantasy perspective, plus gave us her picks for tight end and a quick lesson about Tampa Bay weather and their great power grid.

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