#MTB – July 19, 2016 – Full Show

We talked Ballghazi, Peanut, and the GOP’s train wreck of a convention.

We got ourselves a new friend in Alec Shane from PatsPulpit.com. He explained why the Patriots will go, at worst, 2-2 through their first four weeks this season. Alec also told us about Jimmy Garoppolo because a) there’s not much game film on him because he’s only thrown 31 passes in his career, and b) we were too lazy to Google him ourselves and we asked nicely.

Live from the Metra train, Lester Wiltfong, Jr. from WindyCityGridiron.com managed to NOT have to defend himself from bums OR deal with screaming kids in the middle of our chat with him. Today was a great day! We talked about Peanut Tillman’s retirement and what the Bears should do with Alshon Jeffery going forward.

Yes, we dipped our toe into some convention talk, too. Why? Because there’s not much going on in sports right now and we’ve got two hours to fill. Also, you find out whether or not we think a presidential candidate will have a sex tape. Thanks for listening!

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