Welcome to TheMTBshow.com!

Good day to you. This is Maximus. Welcome to the official web site for Maximus & The Bartender!

As you may know, we’ve been doing this show for about two years. It started out as the occasional podcast we did whenever the mood struck us. It quickly evolved into a weekly podcast, and then a weekly online radio show on XERSradio.com.

This web site is the next step in the growth of the show. In addition to doing the show, we’re both going to be doing some writing about what’s going in the world of sports. In the future, we’ll probably incorporate some video features into this site. Most importantly, though, is that we want to give you, our listener, a way to get more involved with the show. Whether that’s putting up a forum or doing our own version of a Reddit AMA, etc., we want you to become a bigger part of the show.

Thanks for listening and welcome to TheMTBshow.com!

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